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Buenos Aires, Argentina


9 to 24 months


Migration specialists


USD 2500

In accordance with the laws of the country, any person over the age of 18, who has been living in the country for more than 2 years, or who has a first-degree local relative (child or spouse), can apply for citizenship.

The term of a judicial process for the assignment of a "Citizen Card" to you, on average, takes from 9 to 24 months. The speed of consideration of the case may be affected by your presence or absence in the country, as well as additional data: if you have a criminal record (both expired and current), characteristics of the secretariat assigned to you, and the personal decision of the judge. 
What documents are required to apply for Argentine citizenship? You can find the exact and complete list of required documents here.

Important: Absolutely all documents must be apostilled in the issuing country. Otherwise, the document will not be accepted for consideration. According to the laws of Argentina, you can apply for citizenship yourself without the help of a lawyer.


What does the service "Obtaining Argentine citizenship" include?

First, you sign up for a consultation meeting, during which we determine the full roadmap for your litigation, provide you with a sample contract, and outline all future actions for the parties. The cost of the consultation is $120, in case you decide to enter into a contract with us, its cost will be included in the cost of the main contract.

After that, we enter into an official contract with you for the provision of services in the territory of the Argentine Republic. The usual term of the contract is 18 months, within the framework of it we take an advance payment in the amount of 75% of the cost of the contract and proceed to the preparation of all the necessary documents and their submission to the court.

As a third step, we manage your case by tracking all judicial correspondence and all requests, notifying you of the necessary actions in a timely manner and offering you the best solutions for your personal case. After the court sets the date of your oath, our contract is considered fulfilled; at the time of execution, the remaining payment is made.

Who provides the service?

Legal support is provided by licensed Argentine lawyers, experts in migration area.

You can schedule a consultation at a convenient time for you by sending an email to

All meetings are conducted with the presence of a certified Spanish-English translator. If necessary, we can also arrange for a certified Spanish-Russian translator, but please note that this additional service will incur an extra cost.

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